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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking care of you is our priority. Find answers to Republic Services questions below. Not finding what you need here? Get answers to frequently asked questions by browsing our detailed Residential Services FAQ, Business Services FAQ and Government Services FAQ. You may also contact us or find contact information for your local service provider.
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Company Questions



Reporting a Problem

  • What can I recycle?
    Commonly accepted recyclables for your business include: construction and demolition materials, aluminum and metal cans; glass bottles; plastic #1 and #2; plastic bottles with a neck (soda bottles, laundry product containers, etc.); newspaper and magazines; corrugated cardboard/box board (e.g. cereal/soda/beer boxes and similar packaging). Exceptions do exist, so contact your local division for details.
  • What can’t I recycle?
    ​Currently, we are not able to recycle the following: plastic-coated paper; wrapping paper; waxed paper; window glass; light bulbs; ceramics; plastics other than products coded #1 or #2; cookware; hardcover books; polystyrene foam plastic (even if it has the recycling symbol); plastic bags; aluminum foil or foil pie pans. In some areas we may not be able to recycle: wax-coated paper (milk cartons); #1 coded plastics; pizza boxes; or yogurt/margarine tubs or similar items. Find your local recycling program details for additions and/or exceptions to this list.
  • Do you recycle plastic bags?
    Currently, we are able to recycle plastic bags in certain locations. Find your local recycling program details to regarding plastic bag recycling in your area. Some states and cities are passing laws requiring large retailers to offer recycling of plastic bags or we suggest use of reusable bags made of sturdy, lightweight materials. These reusable bags often come with money-saving incentives from retailers when used in lieu of paper or plastic carryout bags.
  • Do you recycle polystyrene foam plastic?
    For all practical purposes, polystyrene foam plastic is not recyclable and we are not able to accept it for recycling at this time. Before discarding polystyrene foam plastic peanuts, consider taking them to your local mail and packaging store for reuse, typically without charge.
  • Do you recycle motor oil or oil filters?
    ​Some areas allow for motor oil and oil filter recycling. Find your local recycling program details for helpful instructions.
  • Do you recycle electronics?
    ​Electronics recycling and e-waste collection is offered in many locations either as a drop-off site or scheduled pickup service. Find your local service details for electronic waste and recycling offerings, applicable charges, locations and schedules.
  • Do you pick up furniture for recycling or reuse?
    Items such as home furnishings, mattresses, carpet and appliances may require special handling and/or advance notice. If your item is in good condition, you may wish to donate it to a local charity. Find your local service details for fees and to schedule a pickup

Billing & Accounts
  • Can I put my trash collection on hold while on vacation?
    Yes, you can place your services on hold through your My Resource Account. To change services by phone, contact your local customer service office by calling the number located on the front of your invoice, or find it here.
  • How can I pay my bill online?

    Eligible customers may pay their bill conveniently online through our secure customer portal, My Resource, or via our One Time Payment feature.​

  • What is My Resource?
    My Resource allows you to view your Republic Services invoice, mange your online payment details, schedule future payments and sign up for our automatic payment service. When you register for My Resource you create a unique user ID and password. You may also opt to securely store your payment information for future use.
  • Can I pay my bill online?
    Yes. You will need your 12–digit account number and billing zip code to pay online. Select a one-time payment or automatic bill pay.
  • What is One Time Payment?
    One Time Payment is a quick way to pay your Republic Services bill online. “One-Time Payment” does not require a user ID or password and we will not store your payment account information. If you provide your email address, we will keep it with your payment record so we can send you an electronic payment confirmation and contact you if there is a problem with your payment.
  • Can I make a payment by phone?
    Yes. Call us at 877-692-9729 to make secure payments by phone.
  • Why should I use My Resource?
    My Resource provides a convenient payment option that saves you the expense of writing checks and buying stamps. Your Republic Services account is credited quickly, so there is no worry about how long it takes the mail to be delivered and your check to be processed.
  • How do you use my billing information?
    All the required information is used for internal purposes only and will not be shared. Learn more about our corporate privacy policies.
  • Am I eligible to use My Resource?

    If you are a customer of Republic Services (and other locally-branded operating divisions) that has been assigned an account number and has received an invoice, you are eligible to pay your bill online using My Resource. You will need a payment method that is capable of paying in or translating currency to U.S. dollars. You will also need your Republic Services  account number and invoice number which appear on your Republic Services invoice. ​

  • Will I be charged a fee for using My Resource to pay my bill?

    Paying your bill online with My Resource is a free service. However, you will need to check with your own financial institution to make sure you will not be charged a fee.​

  • How do I view my invoice online?
    To view your invoices online, please visit My Resource. You will need the current version of Adobe Reader. For a free copy of Adobe Reader or to upgrade your version, go to:


    To view your invoice:
    1. Log in to My Resource.
    1. Select “Payments” from the top navigation menu.
    2. Click "View Invoice" below the current account balance.
    3. From the list, select the description of the invoice you wish to view.
    2. A new window will open displaying the selected invoice.
    3. To print the invoice, right click the image and select "print", or click the printer icon on the right side of the horizontal gray menu bar that appears at the bottom right side of the window.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments from your checking or savings account or you can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express.​​​

  • When is my payment processed?

    Payments made through Online Bill Payment before 5 p.m. Central time will be posted to your Republic Services account by 7 a.m. Central time on the next business day. Payments made after 5  p.m. Central time or that occur on bank holidays or weekends will be posted to your Republic Services account by 7 a.m. central time on the second business day.​​​

  • What if there is a problem processing my payment?
    If your payment was made on My Resource, we will contact you via email if your financial institution rejects your payment. You will either need to re-enter your payment transaction using an alternate payment method, contact your local service office to make your payment over the phone, or mail your payment to the address that appears on the remittance advice section of your invoice. For payments made by mail or phone, you will need to refer to your bank statement for verification that your financial institution processed your payment. If your payment transaction does not appear within five business days, then you can contact us online, or by calling your local service office. Their number appears in the Contact Information section on the left side of your invoice.
  • Will I get a receipt or confirmation email?
    If you have provided us with your email address, you will receive a payment confirmation with each payment made by phone and online. A payment confirmation will also display at the end of your transaction each time you make a payment on My Resource. At the top of the payment confirmation screen is a Reference ID, which is a transaction number unique to your payment.
  • When will I incur late payment charges?

    If applicable, late fees may be charged if an unpaid balance remains on your account for 60 days after the invoice due date.​​

  • What if I have questions about my bill or think there is an error on my invoice?
    For questions about your bill, please contact your local customer service office by calling the number located on the front of your invoice, or find it here.
  • How do I find out what I owe on my account?
    Your current account balance will be reflected on your invoice each billing cycle. You can view your current account balance and other invoice details online at My Resource.You may also contact your local customer service office by calling the number located on the front of your invoice, or find it here.
  • How do I know when my payment is due?
    Your payment due date appears in the “Pay This Amount” section on the left side of your invoice. You may also check your payment due date online by visiting My Resource by following the steps listed below.

    1. Select "Payments" from the top navigation menu.
    2. Click on "Make a Payment" to be taken to the online bill payment page. Your due date will display in the invoice description section.
  • Will my service be delayed by holidays?
    ​Holiday schedules vary by service location. Residential collection may be delayed due to these and other holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. As a general rule, holidays push our residential pickup schedules back one day with regular schedules resuming the following week. Commercial collection holiday schedules vary by location. Check your local service schedule for details.
  • What is the Fuel Recovery Fee?
  • What is the Environmental Recovery Fee?
  • What is the Administrative Fee?
  • I don’t see my online payment reflected in my recent account activity.

    Payment may take up to 48 hours to display in your recent account activity. ​

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