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Committed To Safety
Keeping operations safe for employees, customers and communities is our top priority. Republic Services’ safety record is twice as low as the industry average, meaning greater service reliability and lower costs for our customers.
Safety Sets Us Apart
Republic Services’ safety record ranks at the top of the industry. Carelessness breeds poor safety, higher insurance rates and subpar service. That’s why Republic Services makes sure that:
  • Trucks and equipment are in good repair, and are inspected by our technicians in compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines
  • Regular safety meetings, training sessions and independent reviews occur
  • Drivers receive week-long equipment-specific training with skill set verification at one of 26 driver training centers, which is followed by weeks of in-cab instruction and evaluation by a trained Behind the Wheel Instructor
The results speak volumes: Republic Services is celebrating our seventh consecutive year of accident frequency reduction. Because it’s our number one priority, we’re proud to say Republic Services leads the industry in safety performance, with award-winning programs and other industry recognition that include:
  • Focus 6® — A monthly supervisor-led interactive campaign focused on eliminating the six types of industry specific accidents that occur most frequently or have the highest degree of human tragedy
  • Dedicated to Safety/Dedicated to Excellence
  • Environmental Industry Associations Driver Awards
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Best in Class for Garbage Gus
  • Solid Waste Association of North America Heavy Equipment Rodeo
  • Top Honors Child Safety Program
  • DuPont Safety Excellence Award
One of the many ways we uphold safety as a good neighbor is the We're Looking Out For You Community Partnership Program. Republic Services’ drivers have been trained to observe and report any suspicious events, crimes in progress, traffic accidents and other emergency situations while serving millions of customers everyday. Our extra eyes and ears serve as an invaluable crime prevention and safety measure in our community.

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Republic Services is a proud member of    NSWMA BBB EREF GREEN BUILDING
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