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Services​ for Medical Sharps & Needle Disposal

Every year, millions of people use needles and syringes to manage medical conditions at home. We understand that safety, simplicity, and reliability are important to you when it comes to the disposal of these materials. We offer convenient at-home disposal solutions with our medical Sharps and Needle Mail Back kits. Mail Back kits include:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Pre-paid postage box
  • Medical waste container​​
  • ​Protective plastic liner
  • Tracking documents from origin to final disposal

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Meeting Your Needs


Easy To Use

Our Mail Back kits include everything you need for easy and compliant disposal.

Secure Shipping

Packages are tested and approved for compliance with USPS and DOT standards.

Timely Delivery

Promptly shipped 1-3 business days from the date your Mail Back kit order is placed.


The ordering process helps you maintain privacy.

How to Dispose of Needles and Medical Sharps Video

Republic Services makes needle and medical sharps disposal safe, private, and effortless with our Mail Back kit.

Responsible and Compliant​ Disposal

The safe collection, transportation, and disposal of medical sharps and needles are critical steps to help reduce risks and possible injuries. Our reliable solutions are designed to comply with applicable local, state, and federal regulations for proper disposal of your waste materials. Together we can help keep our communities safe. Get started by requesting your kit​ today.

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