Advancing Plastics

Through innovation and investment in our new Polymer Centers, Republic Services is advancing circularity for plastics. This will allow us to manage the plastics stream from collection to delivery of high-quality recycled content for consumer packaging—making us the first U.S. company to do so.


Reimagining recycling

Meeting demand for business and consumers

In response to consumer demand, changing legislation and their own sustainability commitments, brands are seeking ways to use more post-consumer content in their packaging and more responsible ways to recycle their plastics. But meeting that need has been a challenge. When plastics are recycled, they're often downcycled into materials that have few options for additional recycling.

The first Republic Services Polymer Center, opening in 2023, aims to solve these challenges and meet the increasing demand for reliable, high-quality recycled plastics to help manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to true circularity of plastics.

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Republic Services Polymer Centers

Introducing true innovation to plastics recycling, the Polymer Centers will help keep plastic packaging inside the circular economy. Here's how it will work.

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graphic of plastic bottlesCPGs use plastic packaging for consumer products.
graphic of recycling binsPlastics are placed in recycling curbside cart or dumpster.
graphic of a garbage truckRecycling is collected and delivered to a Republic Services recycling facility.
Republic Services
Recycling Collection
truck dumping recyclables onto the ground in a warehouse

Plastics recycling isn't always completely circular. Plastic can also be downcycled.

graphic of sorted bales of recyclablesRecycling is sorted by material into bales.
Las Vegas
Polymer Center
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The first center of its kind in the U.S. Additional centers are being planned.

graphic of a transfer truckBales of plastic are transported to the Polymer Center.
graphic of shredded plastic and layersPET is shredded and washed, a step toward food-grade use. HDPE and PP are sorted into color-specific bales.
graphic of manufacturing buildingManufacturers use the recycled plastic to make new packaging.