Streamline your manufacturing operations, reduce costs and hit sustainability goals with comprehensive environmental solutions from a single point-of-contact.

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Industry Expertise

Republic Services has years of experience providing evolving environmental solutions to the automotive industry as regulations change. Today, we provide Waste Disposal (Haz and non-Haz), Industrial Services (cleaning, vac service, tank cleaning, shutdown work), Total Waste Solutions (TWS), Emergency Response, Remediation and End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) to automotive facilities across the country.

Services and Solutions

Customized solutions to help you deal with the multiple waste streams that come from your automobile manufacturing operations.

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Environmental Solutions

On-Site services and total waste solutions for the transportation, recycling, treatment and secure disposal of the industrial and hazardous waste produced through your manufacturing plants.

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Recycling and Waste

Turnkey products and services covering solid waste, recycling and bulk waste either as a regular pick-up service or one-off clearance service for your automotive plants across the country.

Specialized Industry Solutions

Simplify waste disposal and reach your environmental goals with our TWS program and ELVS partnership that provide turnkey automotive waste solutions.

Total Waste Solutions (TWS) Program

Reduce cost, waste volumes and risk while improving compliance and sustainability with our customized TWS program that recycles or reuses waste and offers landfill diversion/minimization and waste elimination/reduction technologies through one single point-of-contact.

End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS)

We partner with ELVS to facilitate dismantlers' and recyclers' removal of automotive mercury switches before a vehicle is scrapped.  By removing mercury switches, and safely recycling the materials, ELVS reduces the amount of mercury entering the environment to better protect the planet.

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Why Republic Services?

  • Most comprehensive environmental solutions, recycling and waste services
  • Innovative technology
  • Comprehensive solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Safety and compliance with hazardous waste leaders
  • Nationwide network of owned and operated disposal assets
  • 99.9% pickup reliability record in waste treatment, recovery, disposal and logistics for non-hazardous waste*

* 99.9% proven daily pickup rate based on missed pickup data for commercial and residential customers from April 2021 to March 2022

Leading the Way in
Environmental Services

At Republic Services, we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all. Working with our customers, we provide solutions that make businesses more efficient while taking care of the planet – and protecting the bottom line.

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Learn more about our environmental solutions and services for your industry.

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