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Where Does Your Recycling Go?

PBS’s feature on our recycling solutions.

PBS featured Republic Services’ Las Vegas operations – Apex Landfill and the recycling center – in “Overview,” a series focused on the science behind our everyday world. It shows how modern landfills and recycling centers, like ours, work together to provide sustainable solutions for the communities we serve.

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Recycling facility with employees

Recycle as a Family

Involve your whole family in recycling with a variety of fun and educational activities created just for the kids. You can even take them on the go – all our activities are available for download!

Hidden objects game

Hidden Objects

What's recyclable at a barbeque? Find the hidden objects at this picnic.

Material Matching sheet

What turns into what?

Ever wonder what that jungle gym is made of? Match the material to the product!

is this recyclable sheet

Is this recyclable

Print it out and hang it up. Use these easy guidelines for your home recycling bin. Designate a home recycling monitor to make sure the right items end up in the recycling.

Sorting game

Sorting Game

Show off your recycling know-how by determining what materials go in which container. Sibling rivalry? Make it a game.

Coloring sheet

Coloring Sheets

Recycling is our favorite arrrrrrr. Color in this pirate-themed activity sheet.

maze sheet

Trash Day Maze

Help the truck driver navigate his route to pick up the neighborhood’s trash and recycling.

word search game

Electronics Word Search

Our electronics are tangled. Can you help find which electronics are recyclable?

Bingo sheet

Outdoor Bingo

Take a walk around your neighborhood with this Bingo sheet. Find four in a row!

Cool Virtual Field Trips for Your Class

Hey Teachers! During your next Recycling 101 lesson, take your students on a virtual field trip to see how a recycling center and modern landfill works.

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