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Our Disposal Facilities

We set high environmental and sustainability standards for ourselves as we serve our nation’s communities. Our facilities and landfills are specifically designed, licensed and operated to help ensure proper disposal of trash and other waste products. Discover how each step of the process focuses on efficiency and sustainability.


You see them every day – our fleet of recycling and waste collection vehicles. With nationwide service locations, our drivers focus on serving your communities safely and reliably. You can count on us.


Vehicles Using Compressed Natural Gas


Landfill Gas and Renewable Energy Projects
Smaller Carbon Footprint

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Recycling Centers

We strive to make our recycling centers safe and efficient. Our advanced equipment helps identify and separate a variety of materials, such as paper, metals, plastics, and other recyclables. Our recycling centers have the scale and experience as one of the leading providers of recycling solutions and services in the country.


Centers Nationwide


Partnerships With Mills
and Manufacturers

3 million

Tons of Materials
Recycled Annually

200 lbs

of Recycling Processed
Per S​econd

Learn More About Environmental Recycling Methods


Our landfills are owned and operated to serve the nation’s communities and businesses, providing a safe area for non-hazardous solid waste to be properly deposited. Our focus is on creating minimal impact on the surrounding areas, by utilizing advanced technologies and materials to create efficient and sustainable facilities that feature:

  • Liners made of clay and plastic
  • Leachate collection & management systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Landfill covering options
  • Ground water monitoring systems
  • Landfill gas management systems

Responsible Landfill Management

Now, it’s easier than ever to ensure your waste is handled properly with our nationwide landfills designed to meet or exceed all local, ​state and federal regulations. Count on us to dispose and divert your waste, safely and effectively.​

Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are strategically located and act as an intermediate collection location for local waste trucks prior to the shipment of waste to regional landfills. This helps us to minimize the environmental impact of the transportation of waste.​​

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