Specialized Solutions 

We offer customized infectious disease solutions and biohazardous cleanup response to help protect your workforce and your operations. Our team of highly experienced teams provide comprehensive biohazardous cleaning and disposal services including COVID-19 decontamination, H1N1 decontamination as well as decontamination cleaning services for known or suspected Ebola and SARS cases, one-time and recurring deep cleanings and secure disposal of waste.  

“The US Ecology crew was well trained and very professional throughout the introduction, planning, execution and cleanup." --Clayton Underwood, Flint Group. US Ecology is now Republic Services 

Qualified Disinfection Response 

Republic Services has a proven track record with decades of experience in dealing with health crises of all sizes. In addition to providing viral decontamination and preventative cleaning services, we safely handle hazardous and infectious waste streams by utilizing our vast network of disposal and service facilities.  

Best-In-Class Disposal Solutions 

Our nationwide network of advanced treatment and disposal facilities enables Republic Services to provide safe, compliant and reliable waste disposal solutions to our customers each and every day. We employ waste characterization procedures to differentiate between regulated medical waste and other waste streams, ensuring proper disposal of all COVID-19 and other biological and infectious disease-related waste materials.  

Our Experience with Infectious Decontamination 

  • Ebola, SARS and H1N1 decontamination Services 
  • Biological, infectious response services 
  • Blood borne pathogen cleanups 
  • Infectious waste management 
  • Clandestine drug lab cleanups 
  • Certified and experienced crews  

Our Capabilities  

  • One-time or recurring deep cleanings
  • Secure disposal of waste and PPE 
  • Highly defined and controlled support, entry, decontamination and hot zones 
  • Support for COVID-19, Ebola, SARS, H1N1, biological, infection, blood borne pathogens, clandestine drug labs
  • Certified trauma scene practitioners
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Why Republic Services?

  • Extensive inventory of personnel and equipment 
  • Experience around the world
  • 24/7 emergency response hotline
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Nationwide network of owned and operated disposal assets
  • Over 10,000 emergency responses per year
  • Long history of contracting with municipalities and government agencies
  • The industry's most reputable and trusted service provider      

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Transform your business with our Environmental Solutions account management platform. Register for faster approvals, and access an extensive list of documents, forms and reports. COR provides customers superior service from any device for complete account management of all your waste to increase productivity and efficiency while meeting your sustainability goals.


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At Republic Services, we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all. Working with our customers, we provide solutions that make businesses more efficient while taking care of the planet – and protecting the bottom line.

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