Specialized Solutions 

Republic Services offers time-saving lab packing solutions for chemical waste through safe and compliant identification, segregation, transportation and disposal for classrooms, laboratories, storage closets and other facilities.

High-Hazardous Remote-Opening and Stabilization 

When it comes to working with high-hazard materials, Republic Services has expertise developing lab pack waste strategies to safely assess, handle, and stabilize sensitive materials including peroxide-formers, pressurized containers, and potentially explosive chemicals. Our professionally trained field chemists will arrive on site to help you achieve compliance and protect your operations from costly, complicated and dangerous waste handling mistakes. 

Laboratory Chemical Moves  

Moving laboratory operations from one location to another can be a complex and daunting task. Our turnkey lab pack services make the transition as easy as possible, with a minimum amount of downtime for your researchers. 

Laboratory Decommissioning 

Our staff can provide laboratory closure plans and services tailored to fit your needs. Based on an assessment of the materials and types of operations previously performed at your facility, we will develop custom lab decommissioning procedures including lab packing services and laboratory chemical disposal. 

Secure Destruction 

Off-spec, expired, transit-damaged and other unsaleable consumer products pose a potential liability if they wind up back in the resale market. With Republic Services, you can rest assured that your branded lab pack waste will be compliantly destroyed and not just thrown away. 

Our Capabilities  

  • Same day ‘Pack & Pull’ option  
  • Streamlined generic approval process 
  • Drum and cylinder management  
  • Unknown classification and identification services (identification, segregation and transportation of radioactive, hazardous or unknown/other chemicals)  
  • Reactive stabilization and hydration services 
  • DEA-permitted for pharmaceutical waste handling   
  • Chemical classification database 
  • Secure Destruction 
  • Closures, clean-outs and relocations 
  • Lab pack and drum management
  • Chemical hydration and stabilization
  • Full de-pack and consolidation program
  • Customer self-pack options
  • Certified field chemists and DOT-certified transportation fleet 

LPx Software

We use state-of-the-art lab pack software, (LPx) which facilitates classification accuracy and helps our chemists be even more efficient and accurate against local, state and federal regulations. LPx’s predictive engine is backed by more than 3.5 million data points that ensure Lab Pack service is compliant across OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations.  

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Lab Pack Self-Pack Options 

If you prefer to prepare your own lab packs, Republic Services provides specific guidelines for proper handling to assist you in the process. We operate a state-of-the-art de-packing facility for consolidation of certain flammable solvents. Upon final destination, chemicals are handled using the best-demonstrated technology available to achieve sustainability and reduce your generator status. Solutions may include fuel blending, neutralization, incineration or disposal. 

Safety Comes First 

  • Tailgate meetings and job safety analysis reports conducted at every site 
  • Our chemists are OSHA certified, trained to meet all federal regulations, and wear workplace-standard PPE 
  • All Republic Services employees are aware of the surrounding environment to ensure everyone’s safety  


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Why Republic Services?

  • Safety and compliance
  • Innovative technology
  • Trained field chemists 
  • Punctual 
  • Competitive rates 
  • Accurate invoicing 
  • Reduced risk, brand protection 
  • Turnkey solutions  

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