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Whether your job involves routine maintenance, a time-critical outage or turnaround activities, Republic Services owns and operates a sizable fleet of vacuum trucks to handle your material movement and removal needs for everything from water to heavy sludge.  

Hydrovac Excavation Services

Republic Services is a recognized leader in hydro excavation. Our highly trained operators and advanced tools and equipment can help you eliminate risks, improve accuracy and avoid costly repairs and delays. We understand the unique demands of the various industries we serve – and have the hydrovac excavation services, experience and expertise to tackle any challenge while delivering maximum safety, compliance and reliability.  

The Vacuum Excavation Process

Hydro excavation, or soft digging, safely breaks up the ground and simultaneously vacuums the debris into the on-board tank to expose buried utility lines, providing a non-destructive excavation.

The popular alternative to mechanical excavation, hydro excavation technology provides an increase in:  

  • Safety. High-pressure water can cut through the toughest of land conditions, posing minimal risk to wires, pipes, and other critical structures, while avoiding ground or water pollution. In addition, using this technology may lead to reduced insurance costs. 
  • Accuracy. Easy, precise targeting with the ability to work in tight spaces with minimal disruption to the environment. This added precision results in less repairs and re-work. 
  • Efficiency. Increased accuracy along with significant risk reduction leads to less time onsite, and fewer surprise job cost increases. The process of removing soil into a debris tank, while simultaneously digging, aids those efforts. 

Equipment for Any Occasion 

Our hydro vacuum trucks carry a range of features that are ideally suited to a four-season climate – and can be easily implemented as needed. 

  • Warm water capabilities to work year-round 
  • Powerful 20-gallons-per-minute water system for 4,000+ psi 
  • 15-yard debris tank for more work time, less dumping 
  • 320° boom and multiple hose configurations to reach upwards of 600 feet 
  • Hydraulic dump box and on-truck sump pump speeds offloading 
  • 1200-gallon water tank for more time between refills 
  • Electronic control and monitoring for maximum productivity 

Our Capabilities  

  • Vacuum services: Vacuum sweeping, vacuum pumping and transfer services, industrial wet/dry vacuum, hydro excavation and daylighting, high-rail hydro excavation, turbo/power vac 
  • Hydro/high-pressure blasting and hydro cutting                                 
  • Dry ice blasting                                                                    
  • Oil water separator and trench cleanout 
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Why Republic Services?

  • State-of-the-art equipment            
  • Minimize operational downtime 
  • Reduce risk and liability 
  • Professional and highly trained teams 

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