Republic Services’ nationwide network of owned and operated treatment, disposal and recycling facilities offers turnkey solutions for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste including PFAS, PCBs, radioactive, inorganic, metals and industrial waste to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. With over 70 years of experience, Republic Services is the Environmental Solutions leader to help you achieve safety and compliance in your operations. 

Treatment & Disposal Services  

A leader in the industry, Republic Services provides innovative treatment and disposal solutions that best serve our customers and the environment. 

Landfill Services 

Comprehensive suite of solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste through a nationwide network of RCRA-, Subtitle C-, Subtitle D- and TSCA-permitted landfills.  

Solid Waste Treatment 

Leading waste treatment, disposal capacity and innovative technologies to handle hazardous and non-hazardous solids, sludges and debris. 

Wastewater Treatment 

Solutions for industrial wastewater including metal, acid, base, organic, cyanide, suspended solids, petroleum, paints, industrial processes, tank rinse and used oil. 

Injection Well Disposal 

Injection technology disposal alternative to wastewater treatment for Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. 

Radioactive Waste Solutions 

Compliant, safe and secure disposal options for low-level and low-activity radioactive waste. 

Total Waste Solutions (TWS) 

Turnkey waste program for large manufacturing and industrial companies from a single provider, customized to help meet environmental goals.  

PFAS Disposal Solutions 

Isolate the PFAS molecule safely and compliantly utilizing secure disposal with arid climate landfill availability, injection well, thermal, carbon filtration and more. 

PCB Waste Services 

Safe and compliant disposal solutions at TSCA-permitted facilities for low- and higher-level PCB-concentrated waste. 

Thermal Treatment (AK)

A thermal solution for non-hazardous soils contaminated with petroleum, oil and lubricants, for Alaskans by Alaskans.  

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Recycling Services

Recycling programs to fit your specific needs while meeting regulatory requirements and helping protect the environment.

Aerosol Recycling 

The nation’s most sustainable solution for aerosol can waste to produce recyclable metal, reusable alternative and liquid fuels; landfill-free, zero emissions. 

Thermal Desorption 

More sustainable thermal solutions for non-hazardous contaminated soils, liquids, sludges and sediments than incineration.  

Metals Recovery

Reclaims valuable metal residues from selected waste streams in a process alternative to traditional disposal to receive rebate potential. 

NMP Recycling 

Turnkey program manages spent N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP), a non-hazardous solvent for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. 

Glycol Recycling 

Award-winning program distills glycol back to virgin equivalent as a base for other ethylene and propylene glycol products. 

Pack Back 

Convenient recycling program to safely manage universal wastes, including light bulbs, batteries and mercury devices.

ELVS Mercury Program 

Encourages automotive salvage facilities to remove and recycle mercury switches prior to scrapping a vehicle.  

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At Republic Services, we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all. Working with our customers, we provide solutions that make businesses more efficient while taking care of the planet – and protecting the bottom line.

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