Specialized Solutions 

Republic Services provides storage solutions for waste disposal to industrial transporters, manufacturers, automotive suppliers, chemical processers, refineries, power plants, agricultural operations, construction companies and more. 

Quality Equipment, Each and Every Time 

All units are thoroughly inspected upon return and any needed repairs are made before they are rented again. This ensures that you will receive quality equipment each and every time.

Our Capabilities  

  • Units inspected, cleaned and repaired upon return 
  • Next day rentals 
  • Frac, weir and mixer tanks 
  • Vacuum, dewatering and roll-off boxes 
  • Trailer mounted pumps 
  • Specialized transport assets- rear door tankers 
  • Bulk, containers/drum/bin and rail capabilities 
  • Full truckload or LTL 

Tanks and Boxes 

Republic Services offers a complete line of high-quality liquid and solid storage containers for handling industrial product or waste. Our teams of specialists can customize tank and box solutions in the sizes and configurations you need to take on even the most complex projects, including remediation, decontamination, containment, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, treatment and disposal.   

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Frac Tanks 

Temporary liquid storage tanks for industrial applications such as fracking, turnarounds, cleaning projects, maintenance, tank cleaning and flushing systems. 

Stainless Steel Tanks 

For storing and hauling pure and refined materials, our DOT-compliant, industrial-grade stainless steel tankers offer the highest degree of protection from contamination by impurities. 

Mixing Tanks 

Tanks for mixing or storing liquid solutions that require constant or periodic agitation. Our industrial-grade mixing tanks blend and handle a variety of liquid solutions and are well-suited for any operations that require liquid storage.

Vacuum, Dewatering and Roll-Off Boxes  

Highest quality vacuum, dewatering and roll-off boxes to easily handle, store and haul sludge and solid product and waste materials. Watertight and non-watertight options available.    

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Roll-Off Boxes

Varieties include open top roll-off boxes for non-hazardous dry waste materials, as well as watertight options for leak-proof storage solutions. 

Vacuum Boxes

Watertight compression-sealed vacuum boxes connect to a vacuum truck for powerful suctioning of product and waste.

Dewatering Boxes

Industrial grade dewatering boxes to drain and capture liquid runoff from stored material, decreasing weight, reducing transportation and costs.

Spill Containment 

Professional-grade spill containment berms protect against spills, leakage, or site contamination from liquid product or waste. Our heavy-duty 40 mm polyethylene berms are modular in design and customizable to any size. 

Poly Tanks 

For storing concentrated, acidic, or caustic solutions. Our industrial-grade poly tanks are ideal for use in several industries and any operations that require remote liquid storage of sensitive materials. 

Carbon Canisters 

Control vapors and reduce emissions, commonly from frac tanks and vacuum trucks and boxes. Used in combination with a scrubber for high emissions, or on their own for more moderate emissions. 


Republic Services offers a fleet of heavy-duty power units for versatile hauling of a variety of tanks, boxes, storage containers, and liquid or solid product or waste. We can customize truck solutions in the sizes and configurations you need to tackle your project. Our truck capabilities offer a simple solution for construction, excavation, oil and gas refineries, manufacturing and processing plants, and any operation that must move large amounts of material.

Republic Services operates one of the nation’s largest fleets of waste removal and recycling vehicles and equipment, delivering heavy-duty, professional-grade, top-of-the-line trucks to meet your hauling needs.

  • All equipment is rigorously maintained and thoroughly inspected before use
  • Safe, clean, hydrotested where applicable, and free from damage
  • Fast, reliable service, customized to suit your needs
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Bobtail Trucks

Heavy-duty BTRO power units for the versatile hauling of a variety of products and waste containers. Bobtails need no trailer to pick up and drop off roll-off boxes and are ideal for maneuvering in tighter spaces.

End Dumps

Heavy-duty end dump trailers haul a variety of non-liquid materials such as soil, sand, gravel, and debris. These large-capacity trailers carry big payloads of rough materials and unload rapidly for more efficient hauling.

Vacuum Truck Services

Watertight vacuum trucks for easy collection and hauling of liquid or semi-liquid product or waste, sludges and slurries. These heavy-duty vacuum trucks enable self-loading and unloading without additional equipment onsite.

Portable Restroom Services

From portable toilet rental to high-volume septic pumping, Republic Services offers a wide range of durably constructed and rigorously maintained sanitary equipment and stations for rental, as well as regularly scheduled or on-call septic service for any organization with holding tanks, septic tanks, portable toilets, or the need for removal of non-hazardous liquid waste from pits, reservoirs and ponds.

Portable Toilets

A wide range of durably constructed and rigorously maintained portable toilet options for special events, industrial facilities and job sites, always delivered spotlessly clean, odor-free and fully stocked. Ready on short notice for unplanned porta potty needs.

Holding Tanks

Portable tanks for storing septic waste, gray water, food waste or fresh water. Our industrial grade holding tanks are ideal for use with onsite office trailers across industries and any operations that require remote liquid storage.

Septic Trucks

Regular or on-call septic pumping service, and removal of non-hazardous liquid waste from pits, reservoirs and ponds. 

Handwash and Sanitizer Solutions

Handwash and sanitizer stations for special events, industrial facilities, and job sites. Our clean, fully stocked stations are ready for delivery on short notice for unplanned sanitary needs due to an incident or event. 

Coverage Areas

From vacuum boxes to frac tanks and sludge de-watering boxes, our premier storage solutions for waste disposal are available for rent throughout many parts of the U.S. as well as in Canada to ensure regulatory compliance for the transportation, utilities and energy, manufacturing, chemical and refining and automotive industries. Our Environmental Solutions equipment rentals complement our comprehensive waste solutions to securely dispose of or treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

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Why Republic Services?

  • Clean, dependable equipment 
  • Ensure compliance 
  • Reduce risk and liability 
  • Large variety/quantity 
  • Nationwide network of disposal facilities at the ready 

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