Specialized Solutions 

At Republic Services, our highly trained teams apply the latest techniques and applications to safely manage your most complex projects on time and on budget.  

Turnkey Services 

From industrial equipment cleaning and facilities maintenance to chemical cleaning, abatement services and more, we provide customized turnkey solutions that minimize liabilities and downtime.   

Specialized Equipment and Tools  

With an extensive fleet of equipment and tools, our experienced service professionals handle a wide array of hazardous materials including fuels, acids, virgin and waste solvents, gases and cylinders, and various manufacturing chemicals.  We use heavy-duty, professional-grade industrial cleaning equipment, specially designed for liquid and solid products or waste. 

Industrial Equipment and Systems Cleaning 

Specializing in industrial power washing, including high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure power washing, we provide a portfolio of industrial cleaning services and maintenance and decommissioning activities. Our project teams utilize innovative technologies and techniques to ensure your systems cleaning and hazardous material equipment cleaning is conducted safely and compliantly. 

Abatement Services  

We also provide abatement services for regulated building materials such as lead- based paint and coatings, PCB containing caulk and regulated gypsum products. Often part of decontamination projects, these services are performed by our cross-trained staff and in support of our industrial cleaning and maintenance service lines. Services include:  

  • Cleaning, decommissioning and dismantling of equipment and process lines
  • Clean room decontamination
  • Recycling of scrap materials
  • Salvage of resalable assets
  • Closure report documentation
  • Waste characterization, transportation and disposal 

Chemical Cleaning   

Republic Services provides safe, compliant, and reliable chemical cleaning for removal of deposits, scaling, and sludge buildup from process equipment, tanks, and containers. We perform the degreasing, decontamination and clearing out of waste buildup, and haul away and dispose of all waste generated from the chemical cleaning process. Our chemical cleaning solutions keep your equipment in good working order – and our commitment to safety standards protects employees and the workplace, in full compliance with all regulations. 

Chemical Cleaning Equipment 

We provide a wide range of heavy-duty, professional-grade, top-of-the-line chemical cleaning equipment, specially designed to handle liquid and solid-sediment product or waste. Our formulated chemical solutions cut through sludge, film, and residue to keep tanks, process equipment and containers in good working condition, avoid contamination, and extend the life of our customers’ equipment. 

Tank and Washout Cleaning  

Republic Services provides safe, compliant, and reliable tank cleaning and container washouts for regularly scheduled maintenance, turnovers, or on-call service needs. Utilizing heavy-duty, professional-grade, top-of-the-line industrial cleaning and washout equipment, we perform the washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and clearing out of waste buildup in the equipment, holding tanks, pipelines, and drainage systems our customers rely on to keep everyday operations running smoothly and compliantly. 

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Our Capabilities  

We provide comprehensive services from Point of Generation to Final Disposition:

  • Facility and equipment cleaning, decommissioning and closure 
  • Sump, pit and trench cleanout 
  • Utility manhole, vault and drain cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning 
  • Camera inspection (primarily via 3rd party) 
  • Sludge and slops removal 
  • Line jetting, inspection and removal
  • Confined space entry and rescue  
  • Pollution control
  • Steam cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Hazardous Substances Abatement
  • Tank decommissioning and demolition
  • Oil water separator and catch basin maintenance
  • Hydroblasting (≤40,000 psi)
  • HVAC/duct cleaning
  • Turnaround & Shutdown Work
  • Vacuum Services 


Learn more about our Environmental Solutions and services.  

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Why Republic Services?

  • Safety
  • Reduce risk and liability 
  • Professional and highly trained teams
  • Reliable project management to get job done right 
  • Specialized equipment 
  • Minimize operational downtime   
  • Turnkey/comprehensive services 
  • Nationwide network of disposal facilities at the ready 

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