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Safe and compliant handling and recycling of all your universal wastes including light bulbs, batteries, and mercury devices is important. Federal and state universal waste regulations contain specific instructions regarding commercial and industrial battery disposal, light bulb disposal and all phases of recycling. Republic Services’ convenient Pack Back Recycling program is a simple, compliant solution benefits your operation and the environment. 

How it works

The Republic Services Pack Back Recycling program is pre-paid and includes shipping to and from your door via common carrier. When the box is full and securely taped with the return shipping label exposed, simply place it where the designated shipper normally picks up your packages.  All orders, shipping records and boxes can be tracked through Republic Services’ online system. 

Pack Back Recycling Program includes: 

  • All paperwork and shipping documents
  • Illustrated instructions  
  • Certificates of recycling available upon request  
  • E-mailed receipts 24/7  
  • Online tracking access
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Our Capabilities  

  • Fluorescent bulb recycling 
  • Battery recycling including dry cell alkaline (AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt and lantern), nickel cadmium (NICD), iron 
  • Magnesium, mercury, nickel metal hydride (NIIMH), silver and zinc carbon 
  • Mercury devices recycling including thermostats, thermometers, medical apparatuses, appliance controls, hot water heater controls, temperature controls, appliance mercury switches, automotive mercury switches 
  • Electronics recycling including computers, keyboards, mice, laptops, tablets, televisions, printers, cell phones, LCD screens, circuit boards, home, office, and personal electronics 
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Why Republic Services?

  • Full compliance with state and federal waste regulations 
  • 24/7 online ordering 
  • Contiguous United States coverage

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Transform your business with our Environmental Solutions account management platform. Register for faster approvals, and access an extensive list of documents, forms and reports. COR provides customers superior service from any device for complete account management of all your waste to increase productivity and efficiency while meeting your sustainability goals.


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