Specialized Solutions 

Republic Services provides customers with the unmatched ability to use one provider to internally manage nearly all waste streams through a single point-of-contact, whether solid, hazardous, non-hazardous, universal or radioactive.  

Total Waste Solutions (TWS) Programs 

Republic Services TWS programs offer sustainable waste solutions for large, complex industrial companies with multiple, expansive manufacturing facilities. A customized turnkey TWS program reduces cost and waste while helping you make progress toward specific environmental and sustainability goals.  

Our dedicated, industry experts within our Managed Services Group (MSG) will handle all your waste streams across all facilities, gathering data and utilizing industry expertise to standardize processes and provide broad visibility into performance and waste needs. Your Republic Services TWS program is customized to help you meet your specific ESG goals. We’re committed to helping you reduce cost, minimize waste, have more and better data to manage your program and improve sustainability as you consolidate management of your waste. 

Our Capabilities  

  • Thorough analysis of all waste data 
  • Reporting of waste data used to develop customized strategies 
  • Implement strategies  
  • Customized performance improvement plans 
  • Innovative sustainable waste solutions to reduce environmental impact 
  • On-site service available
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Our Process 

Republic Services manages, tracks and reports all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams across all your facilities through a single point of contact. After establishing a standardized and consolidated view of your waste data, we implement strategies to reduce environmental impact and costs while assuring compliance. Annual cost and volume reduction targets are included in a written performance improvement plan to measure progress. With a track record of creating innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your waste streams, we will define specific total waste services and solutions that meet your needs. 

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Why Republic Services?

  • Improved Compliance 
  • Risk Reduction
  • Goal Progress Tracking
  • Cost Savings
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Work Together To Achieve ESG And Sustainability Goals 
  • One Provider To Internally Manage Nearly All Waste Needs Through A Single-Point-Of-Contact

COR Customer Web Portal

Transform your business with our Environmental Solutions account management platform. Register for faster approvals, and access an extensive list of documents, forms and reports. COR provides customers superior service from any device for complete account management of all your waste to increase productivity and efficiency while meeting your sustainability goals.


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At Republic Services, we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all. Working with our customers, we provide solutions that make businesses more efficient while taking care of the planet – and protecting the bottom line.

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