For an operation to be sustainable, safety must lead the way. Our commitment to safety drives every decision we make, for our employees, customers and communities.

Safety Matters

Our Commitment

Safety is integrated into everything we do at Republic Services.

Employee Safety

Safety, Our First Value

Our team is committed to serving our customers, and we are committed to keeping our team safe. We have 40,000 employees, but our circle of responsibility includes the families, friends and communities who count on them to arrive home safe at the end of every shift.

That's why our processes are rigorous, our training is thorough and our mindset is one of constant improvement. Employee safety is at the heart of our work - across roles, locations and services.1

2030 Goals

Safety Amplified0Zero employee fatalities

Incident Reduction<2.0Reduce our OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) to 2.0 or less

bar graph illustrating Republic Services having lower OSHA incident rate than the industry average for years 2017-2022

1Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the main federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health standards. The OSHA recordable rate shown is the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and is a function of the number of recordable injuries and the total number of hours worked. Published OSHA data lag one calendar year.

Large truck with trailerEmployee connecting a large hose
Our PlatformSafety Amplified

We ensure safety is embedded in everything we do through these focus areas.

Our PlatformSafety AmplifiedWe ensure safety is embedded in everything we do through these focus areas.
Partner TogetherInvolves employees at all levels to stay safe and support division safety goals.
Celebrate TogetherRecognizes our team's achievements by tracking safe days and sharing proven best practices.
Analyze TogetherEvaluates real-time data to inform decision-making and identify opportunities for growth.
Lead TogetherPrioritizes employee communication through engagement, coaching, mentoring and follow-through.
Focus TogetherProvides our workforce with best-in-class training to help eliminate the most common types of serious incidents.
Innovate TogetherUtilizes advanced fleet technology to help keep people safe.

Serving With Safety

Partnering to Keep Communities Safe

When we're out in our fleet of 17,000 trucks making 5 million daily pickups, it's clear how important it is to keep safety at the very top of our priorities. That commitment extends to the landfills, recycling centers and other facilities we operate. Our standards and practices at these locations help us keep communities clean and safe.

view from the top of a hill looking down onto the city belowRepublic Services truck in a neighborhood commercial district

Together for Safer Roads

Since 2016, Republic Services has partnered with Together for Safer Roads, a coalition of private fleet operators working together to advance road safety. Through this partnership, we're testing ways to improve drivers' in-cab visibility and reduce blind spots. A pilot program will soon be deployed, in collaboration with other fleet operators, that will use behavioral AI technology to help improve visibility and reaction times, making the roads safer for everyone including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Together For Safer Roads logo

Enhancing Safety on the Road

Next-Gen Truck Safety

Our future Next-Gen trucks are designed with 150+ safety features. Here are just a few of them, including new ideas that will make them even safer.

illustration of next-gen truck safety features

Brake Light Bar

Republic Services designed a rear light bar that spans the width of the truck to utilize multiple LED lights for better visibility.


Automated Side Load (ASL)

76% of our residential routes are automated, keeping a driver in the cab and out of harm's way. We continue to convert routes to automation.


Collision-Avoidance Cameras

These cameras analyze roadway conditions and driver habits, allowing the opportunity for coaching to modify behaviors before an incident occurs. We will be broadening the roll out to more of our fleet in 2024.


Direct Visibility

Designed in partnership with Together for Safer Roads, an enlarged windshield and additional side windows in the cab will offer a driver greater visibility. Coming in 2024


Driver Assistance Technologies

We're working with equipment manufacturers to incorporate technology including 360-degree cameras, lane-departure monitoring and advanced braking. Coming in 2024

Investing in Safe Operations

Advanced Facility Safety

We're keeping our recycling centers, transfer stations and landfills safe through enterprisewide training and standards.

aerial shot of a landfill with trucks driving on designated dirt roads

Landfills and Transfer Stations


Traffic Flow

Patterns are designed for safety and consistency



Clear communication methods between drivers and heavy equipment operators ensure safe on-site navigation.


Safety Signage

Highly visible notices communicate safety expectations.

inside a recycling facility

Recycling Centers


Personal Protection Equipment

Employees are provided with and required to wear enhanced visibility uniforms, hearing protection, ear and face protection, and puncture-resistant work boots.


Safety Zones

Designated walking paths for employees are free of moving equipment.


Safety Lights

Forklifts have blue safety lights for improved visibility while in motion.


Automated Fire Supression

Republic is exploring Innovative sensing technology to quickly identify and control fires, protecting people and property.

Honoring the Industry's Best

Driver and Operator of the Year Awards

Each year, the National Waste & Recycling Association recognizes drivers and heavy equipment operators who perform safely, maintain a superior performance record and enhance the overall safety and image of the industry. Republic Services is proud to have our employees consistently recognized by these prestigious awards.

fleet of Republic Services vehicles
2023 Winnerportrait of an employeeResidentialDriver of the YearFelix MartinezMt. Prospect, IL
2022 Winners
portrait of an employeeResidentialDriver of the YearRichard DenshuickBaton Rouge, LA
portrait of an employeeResidentialDriver of the YearKevin JohnstonBaton Rouge, LA
portrait of an employeeCommercialDriver of the YearFrank EppsBranson, MO
portrait of an employeeIndustrialDriver of the YearJason TavaresYorktown, VA
2021 Winners
portrait of an employeeResidentialDriver of the YearJames DavisFort Lauderdale, FL
portrait of an employeeCommmercialDriver of the YearDedra McKinleyBaton Rouge, LA
portrait of an employeeIndustrialDriver of the YearTony ForrestCharlotte, NC
portrait of an employeeOperatorDriver of the YearVictoria BarraganMilpitas, CA

Commitments Count

Republic Services employees invest significant time each year in safety training, a commitment that shows up in consistently safe performance.

2022 Figures

1.4MSafety Training Hours

12KDrivers With Perfect Safety Records